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Freedom Convoy 2022, truckers stand up for Canada!

Mainstream media made false statements and accounts of the freedom rally from day one. The reason or size of the convoy was misrepresented many times from multiple major media outlets. Many videos and live streams posted on a variety of social media sites adding to the fuel of mistrust of mainstream counter parts.

What is the freedom convoy for? What is it NOT for?

It is not JUST to remove the mandate to cross the USA/CANADA boarder. The goal of the convoy is to pressure the government to remove all vaccine mandates, end the vaccination passport, mask mandates and lock downs. One request is for the Prime Minister to step down. Just as the media spreads misinformation of the freedom convoy, the have also with the effectiveness of lock downs, mandates and the use of the vaccine passport.

The goal is simple. Stay in Ottawa until the mandates are removed.

Facebook was quick to consider the convoy group a terrorist group. suspended the near 5 million dollars raised for trucking expenses because suggested terrorist activity. The mainstream media blogs are littered with intent of right wing extremists. Some are comparing it to USA capital Jan. 6 2020 rally. Freedom convoy has had blockades before it left both sides of the country.

The freedom convoy has a goal and it would be nice to see the government come to talks with the group or address it nationally in an effective manor. The United Kingdom and Ireland have both scraped the vaccine passports. UK vaccine experts request government to treat covid-19 like a seasonal flu to return too normal.

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